Indian Mentors is the topmost leading Educational Institute of Chhattisgarh. It is situated in the heart of Bhilai. "Indian Mentors" the name itself is a brand. Indian Mentors provide both learn from home and online learning services at its best to meet the needs of all the students. The main aim of Indian Mentors is to provide the best quality education to students coming from different places. Teachers are the nation builders and the pillars of the education system. The Teachers, Tutors, Educators and Mentors of Indian Mentors are highly qualified, well dignified, laborious, tremendously dedicated and determined towards their profession. The teachers not only provide academic knowledge but also they look after the overall holistic development of a student. Its main thrust is to use all means and people to go the extra mile to achieve the grail of success in life.

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About Us

INDIAN MENTORS is a spearheading mentoring organisation. The institute desires to have your cooperation in order to develop an atmosphere conducive to educate children. The high standing of the institute among the reputed institutions of learning in the state and the best of the institute in Chhattisgarh region and across the country is due to the yeomen service rendered by its committed tutors and management.

Our aim is to give the best quality education to all children at a moderate cost. We offer Online and Offline Tutoring services to those students who are seeking the help of mentors for the progress in academic performance. We give everyone the opportunity to educate, develop and expand beyond definite boundaries. Our goal is to provide valuable education services across the globe. As we are growing faster and climbing up the ladder of education to explore the nurturance and improvement of students. We delivered quality services of unmatched value, constantly raising the bar on our performance, through a commitment to excellence, innovation, teamwork, ongoing learning, continuous empowerment, intensive focus on clients needs and dedication to meet those needs with a sense of urgency.

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“ Education is not the preparation for life,Education is life itself. ”

- John Dewey

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We are always happy to answer your questions. Our team of specialists and advisers will contact you via email or telephone, once you complete the online enquiry form.


You can make an appointment with us by contact/mail.


We can fix a meeting for the counselling purpose.


We do proper counselling of the student so that his/her doubt get cleared related to any query.


The fees that we charge our students include a variety of components such as a registration fee, tuition fee, technology fee depending on the course offered.


Get registered with us for life time.


We provide demo classes before starting the regular classes to satisfy and to know the requirements of the student.


Once you get satisfied with the demo class and the tutor provided then a confirmation will be taken with you to start the regular classes.


Advance payment is done once you get satisfied with our service. Mode of payment will be Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly. If parents want to pay monthly then they have to pay the fee for the first three month then from next month they have to pay Monthly tuition fees and two months advance fee will be consider at the end of the session.


After the demo classes when the parents/students get assured about the facility provided to them then the regular classes will start as per parents/students requirement.


Indian Mentors is a seed sown with a noble intention to empower the young mind to mould them to be able citizens of tomorrow. The education at Indian Mentors is not merely confined to the curriculum but it enables a child to have an understanding of making a blend between spiritual and materialistic world by going beyond books. Education determines the path of progress and prosperity for which INDIAN MENTORS are very much committed. Our objective is to provide a catalytic impulse to every child to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process. We work for the overall growth and development of the students. We make studies personalised and arm our students with excellence and intelligence. Indian Mentors provides essential skills and knowledge required to carry out a certain occupation or profession. It helps to produce skilled and component human resources required for the development of different sectors of the country and it develops creative ability in an individual that is essential for employment generation.

I feel fortunate and happy to continue with the true motto of the institute “ YOUR DREAM - OUR MISSION ” We provide a place where a child is nurtured intellectually, psychologically and helped to unfold his/her internal and external capabilities and ultimately the purpose of life. We are continuously working for the better development of our services and making our institute one of the best in the country and beyond. We pride ourselves to help them grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generation.