Teacher FAQs

Teacher FAQs

Ans- Tutors can start taking classes immediately after selection.

Ans- Classes will be allocated within two weeks or a month after selection of the candidate. In some cases classes can be allocated immediately after selection.

Ans- Tutors will be paid as per hour classes taken basis. Pay scale will be decided by the management on the basis of your interview and experience to similar field.

Ans- At the starting three hours classes that are in range of 5kms of the residence of the tutor and in reference of the tutor will be compulsory to take. Also It depends on the tutor that how much classes He/She can take in a day.

Ans- Classes will be allocated according to the presence of the candidate/tutor will provide us.

Ans- Tutors can teach as much as subject they want to and according that they will be allocated to class.

Ans- Yes, if candidates/tutors know someone who will be interested in joining, can suggest the candidate to the centre at the time.

Ans- Most of the time there will be one student at a time, but that depends on what type of classes you will be taking as might be two to three students there to teach at the time.

Ans- Yes, as it is a part of process of selection.it is compulsory to give demo for the preference you provided.

Ans- We provide both offline and online classes to students, it depends on the class and the tutor that they can take offline or online classes.

Ans- Before allocation of class, you will be notified from the centre about some basic information about the class and only if you agree to the information, only then you will be given further details of the class.

Ans- If you face any kind of problem regarding students/parents/class/subject, you are required to immediately contact the centre and report the problem as management will try to get it sorted.

Ans- You are required to first inform to the centre before resigning and must notify that 45 days prior. You have serve 45 days of notice period.

Ans- Books are available in the centre for the reference if you want to but it will be better that you should have your book for the purpose or can make your own notes if needed.